Why do we ask for a lucky hand? Why do we trust our guts? Why do we follow our hearts? Why do we wait impatiently for sudden inspiration? Why does rain prick my skin? What is art? Why do I like sunshine? What turns you on? Am I because I think? What is the meaning behind the act of creation? How does creativity work? How do I recognize good art? Is there such a thing as “good art”? How do I find the artist in myself? Do I need art? Does art need me? What does it take to create something? Do things only exist if we can perceive them? Does art have a subatomic structure? Do the physical and the spiritual worlds connect on the quantum level? Can we detect this intuitively? Is it ok if art matches the color of my sofa? Is creation the visible proof of the transcendence of man? Why can’t artists be content with the inability to see a reddish green? If happiness can’t be quantified by time, why do we all wear watches? If the act of creation is dynamic, why do we want to institutionalize it? Do you believe in the state-issued love certificate? These are all questions without a simpler answer. Why then entangle oneself in mono-causality and dull theory? If we have no idea of art or the act of creation, why don’t we begin here, where we are standing? Artlab21 invites everybody to engage. We’re in the thick of it. Come into our laboratory: a place whose innumerable dimensions are yet to be explored, and whose paradoxical interrelations remain to be penetrated.